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fellowship coffee.

Wilderness Breakfast


The El Quiché Region

Fellowship Coffee is exceptionally unique coffee cultivated in one of the most remote, natural, and mountainous regions of the world. Our coffee is organically grown (no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used on the farms) at a very high-altitude (between 4500 feet - 6500 feet) within the central El Quiché region of Guatemala. 

Hand-Picked Beans


Each coffee plant is hand-cultivated and hand-picked by local farmers who continue decades-old traditions on their family’s farms.


The coffee cherry fruits are only harvested when they reach perfect ripeness. Each individual bean is then hand-processed through a full wet washing and sun-drying method at the award-winning Finca La Perla development, which has received International recognition numerous times as a finalist in the “Cup of Excellence” and “Presidential” coffee awards.

Roasting Coffee
Guatemalan Coffee


This incredible biosphere creates a sweet, citric coffee with a well-balanced silky body and flowery acidity. The coffee fields are intermingled with groves of bamboo, cardamom spice, macadamia nuts, and various citrus orchards – creating an exclusive micro-climate, shade-grown coffee.

Our coffee is warehoused and roasted locally in order to preserve the unique characteristics of the bean.

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